Webinar Recap: Using Mobile Digital Qual to Hack the Snack Aisle

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FocusVision helps CPG/FMCG research teams understand the key drivers behind what consumers are looking for and why. We provide innovative technologies that allow brands to immerse themselves into the consumer world and highlight in-the-moment thought processes.

Our latest webinar series is focused on some of the innovative ways CPG market research teams have used our technology to get insight into the minds of consumers.

The Snack Attack Webinar: Using Mobile Digital Qual to Hack the Snack Aisle showed how Fresh Intelligence used Revelation by FocusVision to hack the snack aisle to investigate shopping habits and purchasing decision factors among snack food consumers.

Getting into a shopper’s mind posed unique challenges

Every retailer and category manager wants to convert more shoppers into buyers, increase satisfaction and loyalty, increase basket size, and increase shopping frequency.

When you go grocery shopping, do you remember everything you’ve purchased and why you purchased it? Most people don’t. But these key insights are imperative to helping retailers reach their goals.

Woman checking shopping list on her smartphone at supermarketGrocery store trips can be full of distractions: rushed trips, lists, kids, phone calls, etc. Market researchers looking for insights into the shopping experience have struggled to capture shoppers’ in-the-moment decisions.

Fresh Intelligence has a reputation for innovative approaches to get the best insights for its clients. It used our Revelation mobile diaries app to get closer than ever to consumers’ in-store shopping experience.

What snacks do people by? Why? How do people shop? These were the three areas researched.

Fresh Intelligence used our mobile digital qualitative platform to get deeper insights into the snack food shopper

Snack-Aisle-Tweet-3Consumers have shown an increasing use of mobile phones while shopping. The study was seamless and scalable through the use of Revelation, qualitative research on a mobile platform.

Participants could easily share pictures of their shopping experience allowing data to be collected in the moment, eliminating the need for post-trip recall.

The qualitative study increased participation through engaging activities

The multi-stage study also included an in-depth online bulletin board for background context and in-home research. The participants used the bulletin board to describe their home “snack stash.” They used photos as prompts and recorded their in-home snack experiences.

This approach answered the questions the client wanted answered in a much more engaging way.

Snack Aisle Tweet 4

Key Findings from the Snack Aisle Study

There are two snack shopping modes: hunting and browsing.

  • Hunting Shopping Mode: In this mode, participants are on a mission looking for a specific snack they need to purchase. This most often happens as a way to restock on a few things between larger shopping trips.
  • Browsing Shopping Mode: When browsing, participants go up and down the aisles of the store gathering up the items they need, but also keeping an eye out for new items. This most often happens during a larger weekly shopping trip. It’s also more common in stores where healthy snacks are interspersed with regular snacks.

For any research, start with the big picture

  • For CPG purchasing, the shopping aisle begins at home

Get closer to the moment of truth

  • Recording responses during the shopping process can help avoid recall or rationalization skews
  • Choose the right platform for seamless research experiences
  • Mobile offers a unique opportunity to be wherever a respondent is, but it’s not always the best solution

Missed the Snack Aisle webinar? Watch it below!


Our research partner found success with the insights from the snack aisle. Read the case study to learn more: http://bit.ly/2aQdITC

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