What does a winning award submission look like? How to create a stand-out entry

The AIR Awards are back for 2021 - now open for entries!

What does a winning AIR Award submission look like? How to create a stand-out entry.

Not quite finished your AIR Award submission? For anyone still wishing to enter the AIR awards – or needs more time to refine your entry – we’re extending the deadline. The new date to put in your diary is Tuesday 19th Oct.

If you’re new to the awards, take advantage of the extended opportunity to enter. It’s a great way to get your work noticed, celebrate everything your agency or team accomplished this year, and of course, acknowledge the rising stars and unsung heroes!

Turn your submission into a stand-out entry:

How can you put your best foot forward when putting together your submission? The AIR Awards team is here to help! We got our heads together at Forsta HQ to reveal a few tips and things that you need to know. But shh… they’re a secret!

  1. Keep it clear and simple. Judges are interested in detail, but make sure it adds value. Anything you can do to help communicate concisely will help.  
  2. Our judges love data and numbers! Especially financial metrics and revenue increases. How did your project save a client money? Did your colleague produce work that boosted revenue? Include quantitative and qualitative evidence for the ultimate validation. But remember, include the business value, not just the scores.
  3. Prove it with supporting evidence. Bonus points for video, audio, testimonials and quotes… include anything that will demonstrate the wider impact to stakeholders that can support your claims.
  4. Enter more than one category. You can enter all three if you like. It might just increase your chances of winning.And we are very happy to receive submissions for different projects from the same company too – just complete one submission per project.
  5. Pretend we are a client. Market Researchers are experts at presenting information and insight in a way that makes things clearer. Just use your day-to-day MR know-how to wow our judges.
  6. The final check. Ask your team to review your work – remembering the best bits about your project can be enjoyable and rewarding – and it might just be the morale boost your team needs!

And most importantly – submit your entry before the closing date! The final deadline is Tues, 19th October. Don’t let that deadline creep up and leave your submission to the last minute!

Now you know how to win, it’s time to put these top tips into action. Get started now.

Good luck! 

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