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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

JOB DESCRIPTION: In this role, you can expect to:

  • Build, iterate and ship features on the FocusVision platforms for our customers
  • Work on the frontend and backend of a series of applications built in Ember.js and Ruby on Rails/Elixir and Phoneix backends
  • Help with automated and manual testing

TECHNOLOGIES: Elixir, Ruby, Javascript (ES6), Phoenix, Rails, EmberJS,


  • 3+ years of Software Engineer experience
  • The right engineer will have the following
  • Strong in writing scalable services and JSON APIs with some GraphQL APIs.
    Strong Ruby and/or Elixir engineers fit our teams well. We also have other
    services in C# and Go that sometimes needs support but we primarily write in
    Ruby and Elixir.
  •  You are comfortable writing plain JavaScript and have worked with React and
    Ember.JS. You’ve built your own components, have built complex JS web
    application and believe in writing tests.
  •  You have extensive experience building cross-browser, responsive HTML and
    have worked with modular CSS architecture such as ITCSS, OOCSS, etc…we
    specially use ITCSS.
  • You have deployed, built and managed build systems and used such things as
    Webpack, babel, Broccoli, Capistrano, Distillery, Grunt, Sass, etc.
  • You actively participate in code and design reviews, weekly sprint meetings and
    team retrospectives to make sure we are functioning as a team towards our
    business goals.
  • You constantly are learning and challenging yourself with either learning new
    languages, frameworks etc when the need arises. The majority of us are Ruby
    engineers and have learned Elixir and other languages/frameworks when needed
  •  You have strong opinions, loosely held based on your experiences. You accept
    being challenged and will reform your opinions if needed based on new
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills

Job Details

Portland, OR

Full Time

Positions Available: 1

Hiring Process


After you apply, a recruiter may reach out to you for an introductory call after reviewing your qualifications.


If your background is a match for the role after speaking with the recruiter, you may phone interview (or onsite interview) with the hiring manager.


If you make it to the final round, you will come onsite to meet with 1-2 people from the team.

Please note that the interview process may vary by department depending on role. FocusVision does not accept any unsolicited resumes from recruiting agencies and will not pay fees associated with any such resumes. Agencies, please do not send resumes to any FocusVision location, employee, or email address.


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