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Software Trainer & Implementation

Position:  Software Trainer & Implementation

Department:  SaaS – Decipher/Kinesis Software Support

Reports To:  Implementation & Training Manager

Job Summary:

This person will be responsible for implementation of the Decipher/Kinesis’s SaaS platform and working with the Implementation & Training Manager to evaluate and analyze small – large/enterprise SaaS customers’ business model and ensure they have a successful implementation.  This position involves interaction and coordination of training with key stakeholders of an organization.  Some travel may be required for on-site training.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Working with customer success managers to ensure successful deployment of Decipher/Kinesis SaaS product.
  • Provides training and end-user support during and after the implementation process.
  • Working with the Implementation & Training Manager to develop implementation/delivery plans.
  • Providing training for Decipher/Kinesis’s Onboarding Program
  • Additional and specialized live trainings for large/enterprise level customers to ensure they are getting the most out of our platform for their business needs.
  • Work with the Knowledge base team to design trainings/how-to’s that give customers the proper knowledge to fully utilize our research platform.
  • Develop relationships with key stakeholders in an organization to ensure they remain Decipher/Kinesis champions/adopters.
  • Present solutions for customers to become successful with our tool.
  • Demonstrate best practices in market research across a variety of use cases and industry verticals.
  • Drive cross-functional initiatives that will improve the overall customer experience and lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty among our customers.
  • Create and build content for Decipher/Kinesis’s implementation guide, best practices, and certification programs
  • Assisting Customer Success Associates with research services requests.


  • BA/BS in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems or equivalent experience.
  • 6+ months experience in a client-facing role.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Decipher/Kinesis platform, Programming & Reporting.
  • Ability to present solutions using the Decipher/Kinesis platform that meet our customer’s needs.
  • Ability to build strong, lasting relationships with customers/stakeholders inside an organization.
  • Superb communicator who empathizes with the audience.
  • Creative and analytical problem-solver who effortlessly comes up with new solutions to vexing problems.
  • Interest in learning everything there is to know about market research.
  • Contagious enthusiasm for Decipher/Kinesis.
  • Must have completed Decipher/Kinesis Certification.
  • Must know Python 2.7X
  • Must know HTML/XML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Unix Skills are a plus
  • Must know Web Programming

About Decipher/Kinesis by FocusVision:

A marketing research service and software provider, Decipher/Kinesis specializes in online survey programming, data collection, and data reporting. Decipher/Kinesis’s research software suite provides users with the ability to program their own surveys, monitor data collection progress, analyze data and automate data report production. Our innovative solution is an industry first, resulting in tremendous time savings and labor costs for market researchers while significantly increasing the accuracy and quality of research reporting.

About FocusVision:

FocusVision is the first company to provide integrated, global technology solutions for both quantitative and qualitative market research. The company has specialized in research facility video streaming since it was founded in 1990, and has grown to offer best-in-class solutions in webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming, asynchronous online software and mobile device usability studies. Most recently, FocusVision has added a robust survey programming and reporting platform to its product lineup. While continuing to offer clients the largest global network of focus group facilities, plus reliable and secure audio and video streams, FocusVision now provides qualitative and quantitative solutions for every aspect of an organization’s research practice. FocusVision has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Brazil and Singapore.

Decipher/Kinesis is a subsidiary of FocusVision.

Job Details

Fresno, CA

Full Time

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