FocusVision helps CPG research teams understand the key drivers behind what consumers are looking for and why. We provide innovative technologies that allow brands to immerse themselves into the consumer world and highlight in-the-moment thought processes.

Our customizable quantitative and qualitative solutions deliver better cost-efficiency, increased engagement, and highly-informed decision-making for fast-moving CPG organizations. Utilize FocusVision technology to:

  • Uncover the Consumer White Space
  • Support Every Step of the Product Development Lifecycle
  • Illuminate the Consumer Path to Purchase
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FocusVision Solutions for CPG Market Research

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Customizable Research Technology Solutions

Quantitative and Qualitative Solutions for CPG Market Research


An essential mobile digital qualitative tool for illuminating the consumer mindset. Helps researchers better understand emotional and environmental drivers, as the research takes place in respondents’ natural environments.


Truly interactive, in-person focus group broadcast technology that improves stakeholder involvement and overall participation. Innovative clipping, marking and transcription services allow researchers to reduce footage review time and get to key insights faster.


Provides convenience and wider reach to audiences that are typically difficult to recruit. Using webcam technology, respondents do not have to travel and can be in their own environments, leading to more candid and natural responses.


Provides truly device agnostic survey technology that eliminates bias in a multi-device world. Enables everything from basic question types to dynamic, interactive exercises to even the most complex designs and algorithms.


The first market research technology to blend panel and community management functionality into a single, fully-customizable solution. Easily recruit, retain and reward targeted market research participants into panels or communities to shape and inform CPG product development.


Provides a consolidated view of the people, vendors, processes, systems, content and insights across the entire market research workflow.


Enables the aggregation and organization of all research content for efficient access to insights and the creation of video clips, images and entire reports that help bring the entire enterprise closer to the consumer.

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