All research starts with a question

A brand manager wants to know if their brand is top of mind when people think about their industry.
A product engineer thinks about how well a specific feature works.

Every department has challenges.
Research can help find the answers that will solve them.

Brand: Learn what people say when
you’ve left the room

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon once said:
“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The best way to find that out is to ask them.

Are we the leading brand?
Benchmark your industry and see where you fit compared to your competitors.

How loyal are our customers?
Find out your Net Promoter Score.

Who are our customers?
Segment and target the people who matter most. And find out how to reach them.

What’s the size of the prize?
Map out the market and see what
the opportunities are.

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Customers: Hear them out

What’s more important than your customers?
Make sure you’re listening to them.

Do they like you?
Run surveys to see what people are saying about your company and your competitors.

Did my event go well?
Get feedback on whether people enjoyed or found your event useful.

Should we set up a forum?
Give people a place to post feedback.

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Product: Create something people want

A product might be a bottle of shampoo, the dashboard of a truck or a chain of wine-tasting hotels. You might have a new invention or a new range of products. The questions are always the same.

How much will people pay?
There’s little point creating a new product if nobody would buy it.

Is there a demand for this?
Look into what people want, and whether they’d buy it from your brand.

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Communications: Create content that works

Advertising, campaigns and thought leadership: you can create them all, but you need research to find out if they give you a return on your investment. And whether they’re sending the right message.

Have I got the right audience?
Track who’s seen your ads and measure how well they’re doing.

Does my idea work?
Create a prototype or animation to test your concepts or ads.

How’s my website doing?
Get feedback on how easy your site is to navigate and understand.

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Employee: Listen to the heart of your business

People make a business. Happy employees lead to successful companies.

Are they happy?
Run surveys to see how your culture is doing, and why people stay with you, or not.

Did our message go down well?
When you make a big announcement, get feedback and see what people really think.

Should we set up a forum?
Give people a place to post feedback.

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User experience: Iterate to make your product perfect

Nothing is perfect straight off. Every design or creation goes through change: tweaks and refinements to make it better, year by year.

What are people doing in store or online?
Get insight into your shoppers.

What’s my user experience like?
Figure out where people get confused and if you need to improve your instructions.

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Take your insights further


Get the facts

Find out what the consensus is. Run your surveys, panels, reports and everything else quantitative.

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Get the opinions

Dig deeper. Talk to your customers face-to-face, create communities and run focus groups or anything else qualitative.

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