Focus Groups & Feedback Waves:
Real-World Applications for FV360 Live

Join us for an interactive workshop hosted by FV360 Live streaming partners around the globe. This hands-on exercise will enable you to experience the view of both participants and stakeholders. And, a live demo of the FV Video Insights platform will illustrate how you can bring your insights to life through video storytelling.

Participants at an FV360 workshop.

  • Denver, ColoradoFriday, September 22, 2017

“FV360 Live has changed the whole paradigm related to video streaming and video recording. I now get never-before-seen engagement from remote-viewing clients. The 360-degree camera is so easy to watch…it just pulls you in. You feel connected to the person who is speaking. You see them; you see what’s going on. If you are going to use video, FV360 Live really is the most engaging and effective way to go.”

Susan Fader Principal, Fader & Associates

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