A full-suite of research products

Choose one or many tech solutions to fit your research methodologies.


Find out what matters by spotting the right patterns.

The easy online solution for professional grade surveys, panels, reports and everything else quantitative.

Understand your audience and confidently make the right decisions.

Spend your time discussing presentation slides, not making them. One click to PowerPoint eases reporting and communication.

Reach people on whichever device they prefer: mobile, tablet or computer.


Behind every statistic is a real person. Bring consumer experiences to life using bulletin boards, mobile diaries, and insight communities.

Capture in-the-moment behaviors, emotions and decisions.

Manage communities and get instant feedback on a wide variety of stimuli.

Make qualitative research as easy and quick as a social media swipe or like.

Video Insights

Seeing is believing. Efficiently manage and leverage video to deliver more impact for teams and stakeholders.

Great stories start with video. Bring your entire enterprise closer to the customer.

Go beyond standard video clips and easily centralize video, images and other research assets fast.

Live Video

Everyone has their own story to tell.
Live Video connects you to these people so you can hear their stories, now.

Let the research come to you
A focus group doesn’t have to be confined to four walls. Live-stream the interview, so the whole team can take part. And record it for anyone not there.

Get the whole team involved
You can have an unlimited number of people watching.

Feel like you’re in the room
Everyone watching can see a 360 view of the whole room.

Work together to get the most out of the group
Chat, bookmark moments and share files.

Record the session
Keep it for 30 days.

Share the best quotes
Get a transcript and subtitles.

Kinesis Panel

The right people, managed the right way, makes all the difference.

Deploy automated processes and advanced tools that recruit, retain, reward, and report for superior panel management.

Create engaging content, support respondents on any device and report on all activity.


Talk to the right people, from wherever they are.
Not everyone is willing or able to come to the researcher.
With InterVu, your team can connect with and observe group participants in real-time, wherever they are.

Let the research go to them
Not everyone is willing or able to come to you. But you still want to talk face-to-face, and run your group like you would in person.

Bring together people from across the world
With a video call, one researcher can be in five places at once.

Everything is easier when it’s digital
Run polls, draw on the screen, and share files.

Help is at hand
Our team will help your customers and employees with everything, from the tech to the presentation.

Research Reporter

Manage resources, projects, and knowledge to maximize budgets, minimize effort, and elevate your business.

You’re in safe hands

Your data is secure

Everything is encrypted, with protocols like Secure Socket Layer (SSL). And your data will follow the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

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You can plug in third parties

If you need something unique, like facial recognition or auto-text analysis, our partnerships will have you covered.

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You’ll have help whenever you need it

Our service team can consult on how to design your research, roll it out, train your people, and report on your results. They can also help recruit and manage panels, and train you to use our tools.

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