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Our always-on visual insights and reporting engine transforms your data into actionable insights, fast. Consolidate all your data sources, process, analyze and tell captivating stories with ease. Dapresy reporting solutions unlock deeper insights, more efficiently leaving you to spend time on what matters. Delivering insights.

See how the global leader in data visualization and online reporting can give you data processing and reporting efficiencies of around 40% today.

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Dapresy Visual Reporting Solutions

Solving 4 distinct needs

Dapresy reporting solutions can help solve 4 distinct reporting pain points:

  • Ad Hoc –Dapresy allows data to flow directly from the survey software to eliminate those troublesome manual steps, enable faster reporting and analytics for your stakeholders.
  • Brand & Advertising Trackers – Trackers, by their very nature produce huge amounts of data. Dapresy takes that data and eliminates manual updates. Combine relevant infographics with customized storytelling and lets users access customized views.
  • Syndicated Reporting – When selling customized slices of data, developing PPT/PDF versioning for each stakeholder becomes untenable. Dapresy enables customized data delivery through one reporting system yet tailored for each client. With the ability to use customized infographics and storytelling, your clients will have the optimal way to interact and consume data.
  • Customer Feedback – Dapresy gives you the tools to close the loop and deliver real-time customer feedback.

Find out more about using Dapresy for Ad Trackers

StoryCreator Turn data into actionable reports in record time through visual data exploration.


Turn data into actionable reports in record time through visual data exploration. As soon as fieldwork starts you can begin to visualize. Report the most relevant insights immediately and make changes through global controls. Export fully editable PPT’s and get straight to the heart of the matter.

“StoryCreator has helped KS&R accurately produce numerous PowerPoint reports in very short timeframes.”

Scott Woodward, Research Manager, KS&R


dedicated Customer Success Manager


You’ll be supported every step of the way with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. You’ll receive exemplary onboarding and training in addition to continuous support and updates.

The Service team will also assist with multiple other activities should you require them. Do you need help with graphic design? We can help you. Help with integration? Again, we’re there to enable you to succeed.

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