A Revolution in Focus Group Video

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For years, the market research industry has struggled to effectively translate the in-the-room focus group experience, and share such moments with colleagues, partners and clients.

Now, FocusVision’s FV360 Live system allows research teams to rapidly and efficiently gather, summarize and share reports and insights. This facilitates more informed, faster and effective decision making. Never miss a twitch, eyebrow raise, smile or frown again.

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A Fully-Immersive Video Experience

360° full-face-view camera puts observers directly in the middle of the conversation, getting them closer to the heart of insight.

  • Voice activated sensors identify and show the speaker via full face view, every time.
  • High definition picture quality illuminates facial expressions and meaning.

Global Streaming Service

Global streaming service enables real-time access and collaboration for you, your teams and your clients.

  • Both backroom and remote observers get full face perspectives of all respondents.
  • A global network of facility partners.

Frontline Teams: Provide them with insights that can directly impact the customer experience.

CxOs: Provide immediate, direct and compelling consumer feedback.

Moderators: Improve moderator experiences with easy access to video highlights and contextual video search.

All FocusVision solutions are backed by our dedicated service team, providing expert support wherever, whenever, 24/7

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