Conduct Live Focus Group Observation, from Anywhere

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FV Classic Live (formerly VideoStreaming) lets pro researchers and key stakeholders observe and interact with focus groups and IDIs from any location. Whether watching from the back room or remotely, everyone can be a part of the action, in real time.

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Never Be Held Back by Geography

FocusVision’s live global streaming service provides real-time access and collaboration for you, your team and your clients. Easily go wherever research happens, without needing to travel.

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Get Your Entire Team Involved

With provision for an unlimited number of remote viewers, FV Classic Live ensures that all team members can easily take part in the research. When participating via desktops or mobile devices, remote team members get live views of each participant’s screen and faces for a more impactful and collaborative experience.

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Capture Every Moment

The most robust feature set for pro researchers, in a single application:

  • DVR capabilities allow viewers to rewind to important moments they may have missed.
  • Chat with other observers in real time, regardless of location.
  • Easily share discussion guides and stimuli with quick access to project documents.
  • Marking and Tagging tools flag and organize key moments for later reference during analysis.

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Rapid Insights Distribution

Frontline Teams: Provide them with insights that can directly impact the customer experience.

CxOs: Provide immediate, direct and compelling consumer feedback.

Agencies: Easily engage team members and clients from multiple locations in live focus group research.

The World’s Largest Facility Network: A global network of facility partners across more than 60 countries.

The Ultimate Usability Lab

  • Live stream communications with participants while they interact with your site or app via smartphones, tablets or desktops.
  • View participants and their screens simultaneously for an immersive, in-the-moment research experience.
  • Observe, interact with and direct real people, not just their clicks.
  • Enjoy dedicated FocusVision tech support to manage the details while you focus on your research.
  • Highlight the most significant interactions and create clips of key moments to refer back to later.

Experience Focus Groups Live, from Anywhere with FV Classic Live

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