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Video is the most powerful research asset, bringing customers to life like no other medium. However, it’s also the most resource intensive to manage. With FV Video Insights (formerly 24tru), researchers can efficiently manage and utilize video to deliver more impact for teams and stakeholders.

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Now you can organize and manage research-related video assets, images and reports, and bring your entire enterprise closer to the customer.

Centralize Your Video Insights

Create a repository of meaningful, living, digital summaries.

Organize research assets for your entire team, with limitless upload capability for video, documents, images and other stimuli. Protect your work, with best-in-class security standards. And, save assets for use with the project at hand and future initiatives, leveraging existing research to avoid costly rework.

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Sophisticated Analysis Tools

Ask questions of your data, collaborate with stakeholders and connect with customers.

Utilize human based, synchronized transcripts that are time-coded to video/audio, enabling you to easily search using keywords. Meta-tag categories help you organize projects based on the enterprise or client business organization. Build contextual taxonomies in the language of the business, using project specific tags tied to your research goals and objectives.

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Easily Share with Stakeholders

Go beyond video clips to build a full story.

Quickly assemble and share video summaries and robust reports that incorporate video, audio, document and image assets. No need to hire an external video editor or use video software. Arrange individual clips to produce custom playlists that tell the story behind the data. Easily edit video clips and playlists by linking to sections of time-coded transcripts, and tag or clip entire documents or specific content within documents. And, with FV Video Insight’s highlight feature, you can create a visually appealing, yet simple webpage with embedded videos, meaning no large files or dropboxes.

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Unleash the Power of the Global Leader in Market Research Technology

Organize video assets for your entire team.

Limitless upload capability for video, documents, images and other stimuli.

Protect your work with best-in-class security standards.

Save assets for use with current and future initiatives; leverage previous research to avoid costly rework.

Work with research video like never before with FV Video Insights

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