Premier Online Panel Management


KinesisPanel™ powers the projects that are the lifeblood of market research by providing automated processes, advanced reporting tools and integrated incentive management. KinesisPanel is fully scalable, customizable, and seamlessly provides intuitive, touch-friendly experience across all devices.

Better Profiling for Better Results

Gathering insightful data begins with recruiting a quality panel. Ensure the success of your online panel by uploading your existing contacts, or using our online panel recruitment tool to build one from scratch. Ask about our advanced profiling capabilities to automate fielding. 

FocusVision KinesisPanel: Implement best practices and state-of-the-art sampling to increase research panel retention

Increase Panel Retention

Implement best practices and state-of-the-art sampling with the industry’s most intuitive, drag-and-drop query tool. Instantly poll your panel to retrieve only those panelists who meet your specific project needs and reduce panel attrition rates.

Improve Panel Engagement

KinesisPanel offers fully automated distribution of more than 60 instant digital rewards in addition to multiple other redemption options. Save time, create efficiencies and keep your panelists active and engaged by providing immediate thanks for the services your panelists perform.

Scale to Support Project Load

Few solutions offer the robust scalability of KinesisPanel to support sampling frameworks for hundreds of open projects. Scale your operations in size and in scope with our wide feature set.

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