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Child Obesity – Understanding Context, Reasons and Behaviors Through Qual & Quant Research

Albar Research and FocusVision joined forces to conduct a blended Quantitative and Qualitative study to understand the issues related to childhood obesity. Learn how they uncovered:

  • Why Latin American countries have some of the highest obesity rates among preschool-aged children.
  • What prevents children from achieving an ideal diet.

“This was a very challenging and exciting project, and FocusVision was an amazing contributor to our success. InterVu allowed us to reach a large sample over a vast geographical spread, in a short period of time. Decipher helped us directly engage respondents and gain many insights about their views. Revelation provided an opportunity for parents to easily share their journeys, and we gained a deeper understanding of their points of view from those rich discussions.” – Ana Tereza Horta, Projects Director, Albar Research

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