eBay Improves Customer Insights through Personalized Interview Experiences

Customer feedback is more than survey data; it represents emotional voices narrating human experiences.

eBay was looking for ways to rapidly apply the true “voice of the customer” into their business strategies, with greater impact. They turned to FocusVision to collaborate on a unique hybrid experiment, which utilized webcam interviews to enrich data collected from customer surveys.

How they did it

The study blended quantitative and qualitative techniques to identify key drivers of joy and frustration across different user experiences on eBay and Amazon. The project kicked off with a brief online survey, using FocusVision Decipher. eBay reviewed survey data near the end of the field period, in order to develop working hypotheses around the insights arising from the data. These included:

  • What are eBay and Amazon customer satisfaction levels?
  • Which areas of the eBay user experience need improvement?
  • How do customers perceive each brand?

How they went deeper

“In most presentations, you are forced to help bring to life the voice of the customer through text and pictures but with this new approach, you can bring the customer into the room with you to tell their story.”

Sam Harami, Director of Global Customer Loyalty, eBay

After reviewing individual rating scale choices and open-end feedback, the team identified and targeted specific respondents for deeper discussion. This phase consisted of short one-on-one video interviews, using FocusVision InterVu, which provided a platform for live face-to-face webcam experiences and related analysis. Respondents participated via personal computers, eliminating travel and facility costs. InterVu’s live streaming format captured and recorded key customer moments, emotions and body language, all of which provided new levels of discovery and understanding.

Why video matters

At its core, video enables deeper consumer-to-brand connections and provides a highly effective platform for storytelling. This is often missing from survey numbers or written text. While surveys provide robust data, hard analytics and benchmarks, in-depth customer dialogues projected through video have a distinctively human touch.

Customer Insights

What they accomplished

By combining survey and video data, eBay achieved stronger audience connections, a better understanding of customer pain points, and clarified direction for problem-solving. With the help of FocusVision’s innovative research technologies, eBay was able to effectively expand their investigative toolkit, while increasing the ease, speed, and impact of customer insight collection and analysis. The true voice of the customer was heard.

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