Engaging the Right Brain

A major technology firm came to San Francisco based market research and strategy consulting firm Netpop with a big challenge; they wanted to engage with web and mobile application developers, in order to understand how to distinguish their products better, on a global scale. Research was needed to help differentiate their product offerings and hone online marketing strategies.

Developing messaging through research

The initial need was to develop messaging and design for a new website they were building to market their products. To do so, they needed to understand the purchase process the buyers (app developers) went through.

There were three parties involved; the end client, the digital design agency and the research agency, Netpop. The study was carried out in seven countries, in several languages and participants were involved over a period of three days.

Finding the sample in a tight timeline

B2B recruits are never a walk in the park, but finding a sufficient number of app developers in seven countries was a big challenge. They are busy people, in a unique and highly specialized field. In the end, cost and feasibility led Netpop to recruit a total of eight developers per country, which proved sufficient for their needs.

However, the biggest challenge Netpop faced was dealing with an enormously complex project in a very tight timeframe. The project ranged over a wide scope and involved multiple international moderators and multi-language translations—several different teams working in different markets to recruit and translate. Getting consistent understanding of varied data from a range of international sources was a challenge.

FocusVision Revelation for real-time responses

Netpop turned to the FocusVision Revelation, not simply because they needed an online, global, diary study but because they really wanted to know what app developers were doing in the moment: what they do on the web, what exactly they look at and read on their path to purchase. And Netpop didn’t want them to communicate that verbatim, they actually wanted to see it, so the ability to upload screenshots was key to the project.

Research flexibility

Though the majority of the study was focused on understanding the purchase process through diaries, there were some more fundamental learnings about countries like Japan that the client needed to know. The FocusVision Revelation app allowed the research team to ask basic questions, and further illustrate them with images to ensure participants’ understanding of what the client wanted to know.

“What I loved about using FocusVision Revelation for this study was that we were able to get into developers’ brains in a different way. The topic is very technical—and one that developers naturally approach in a very logical way—but we were able to access a much deeper, more emotional side. Left brain really met right brain and it was brilliant.”

Cate Riegner, Co-Founder and VP at Netpop

The project was actually finished ahead of time. The design agency had wanted all of the data to be collected by the middle of January; but FocusVision Revelation advised them about the difficulties surrounding running studies over the holidays so it was all hands on deck to get it done before the season. Participants in key markets around the world were recruited over the course of three weeks, and fieldwork was completed in just one week.

Utilization of the results

The design agency is now putting together the main website, which will be customized for different countries—visually and textually—according to learnings from the study.

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