FocusVision Decipher – Scaling Surveys from Simple to Sophisticated

Open up your organization to a world of insights. From first timers to seasoned pros, the intuitive, easy-to-use FocusVision Decipher allows you to run anything from just-in-time polls to seriously advanced surveys. Now, real-time customer insights are at your fingertips with FocusVision Decipher, a comprehensive yet easy-to-use survey and reporting solution.

Through FocusVision Decipher, you can connect with your customers to ask what they think so you can understand how they think, feel and act. From brand perception and loyalty measurements, to measuring and testing messaging resonance and much more; FocusVision Decipher delivers up-to-the-minute insights.

Now, FocusVision Decipher makes it even easier and faster to create and launch your surveys. New functionality allows teams to “Start with Word” and upload their Microsoft Word™ questionnaire and view a draft within moments. Our proprietary machine-learning technology automatically detects question types and answer options, translating them into an online survey that can be reviewed and customized. Once your survey is ready, Sample Marketplace is a fully automated solution which connects you to quality sample at a low price point all within the application. Simply enter your sample specs, submit and secure your sample; and you’re ready to launch.

With social media and technology impacting customer experience and opinion like never before, it can be hard to obtain a true read of customer insight. FocusVision Decipher gets you close enough to your customers to provide a meaningful, always-on monitoring of customer opinion. Keeping you ahead of threats and aware of opportunities. By keeping close enough to your customers to understand how they think, feel and act, you can predict business outcomes and understand your Customer Truth.

A survey created using Decipher's survey platform asking participants to identify which ice cream flavors they already tried.

Key Features

Feature Description
Mobile-friendly Reach people, anywhere, anytime on the device of their choice to gather their feedback, understand their thoughts and confirm it applies to your wider audience. Mobile-friendly surveys are optimized with your participants in mind for the best experience.
Real-time field monitoring See your data in real-time and optimize your survey mid-project with FocusVision Decipher’s real-time field monitoring.
Security FocusVision understands data security matters. FocusVision Decipher is GDPR ready and we adhere to national privacy laws and standards for multiple countries including Russia, Germany and Japan.
Up-to-the-minute insights Share customer insights as soon as you have them through an interactive dashboard or use the ‘one-click to PowerPoint’ feature to quickly build your report.
Ready to Use Templates FocusVision Decipher has numerous pre-programmed survey templates so you launch your survey quicker than ever. And as always, FocusVIsion Decipher provides the deepest programming capabilities so you can program completely from scratch.
Microsoft Word Uploader Speed up online survey creation by uploading a Microsoft Word™ questionnaire, saving you time by eliminating the need to program your survey from scratch. Our machine-learning technology automatically detects question types and answer options, significantly reducing the amount of time to have a fully programmed online survey.
Sample Marketplace This fully automated solution is designed to connect you with quality survey sample at a low price point all within the FocusVision Decipher application. No more unwieldy email chains to obtain sample. Enter your sample specifications, click submit and secure your sample without leaving FocusVision Decipher.
A participant smiles and waves at the camera during a video open end using FocusVision's Decipher online survey software.
Figure 1. Only FocusVision Decipher allows you to ask open end video questions to capture your Customer Truth.



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Optimized for all devices, your surveys can be taken anytime, any place. Learn how FocusVision Decipher makes it easy for you to create and distribute surveys.

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