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FocusVision Decipher Services to Management Consultancies

Our Management Consultancies team is dedicated to easing your workload, managing multiple projects while you do what you do best. Providing actionable, robust, data-based insights. With almost two decades of experience of developing the leading survey and reporting tools, you can be assured that you’re working with the most knowledgeable and experienced team in the industry.

We will work with you from start to finish, taking control of every facet of the project from programming and testing, recruiting respondents, to delivering final dashboards and reports. All the while, keeping you up-to-date on daily progress.

Working Together

We offer the following as standard to all Management Consultancies Services clients:

  • On-site visits, business reviews and training
  • Kick-off calls with each project
  • Three-step questionnaire testing and review process
  • Advice and consultation on making your survey more engaging and mobile ready
  • Award-winning programming using our industry-leading software Decipher
  • Custom programming to modify standard question types
  • 1-to-1 tutorial on getting the best out of Decipher
  • Continuous real-time access to your project, survey metrics, data downloads and real-time online reporting
  • Online crosstabs and dashboard creation
  • Cost-effective, best-in-class translation and sample recruitment

We will collaborate with you to develop a working relationship that suits you best.

What We Can Do, For You

I need to be sure of my sample and data quality

  • We choose the sample and design the sampling frame to suit the study needs
  • All surveys are put through a strenuous Q+A process before launch
  • We pro-actively monitor fielding to stay ahead of any surprises

I need to get into field fast, but can’t afford to cut corners

  • We built it, we get the best out of it. Fast
  • Dedicated consultancy team understand your unique pressures

I need to be sure I’m asking the right questions

  • Our team can review, advise and amend any questionnaire to give you the most accurate data

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For more information about FocusVision’s Management Consultancies Services email us at or call +1 (844) 712-6777.

A participant smiles and waves at the camera during a video open end using FocusVision's Decipher online survey software.
Figure 1. Only Decipher allows you to ask open end video questions to capture your Customer Truth

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