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FocusVision Decipher Transition Plan

Locked into a competitive survey software solution? No problem.

FocusVision offers incumbent survey licensing plan that eliminates all migration costs and speeds the transition to the FV Decipher platform before the expiration of your current license agreement.

FocusVision Decipher Transition Plan

Licensing Costs:

With the FocusVision Decipher Transition Plan, there are no licensing costs until your existing research software contract expires—allowing you to move to survey programming and reporting onto FocusVision Decipher immediately.

You can field up to the number of completes on FocusVision Decipher that you have guaranteed in your current, competitive contract during the transition period—with a minimum FocusVision Decipher software contract commitment of one year past an existing competitive contract.

FocusVision Decipher Transition Plan

Set-Up & Training:

Set up and initial training is included, with unlimited support—getting you fully up to speed on the FocusVision Decipher platform, right away.


  • Onboarding curriculum: video tutorials as well as a robust knowledge base
  • Dedicated account manager who gets to know you and your business
  • Online crosstabs, saved reports and dashboards
  • Access for managing folders, user permissions, centralizing data, and more
  • Survey building
  • Importing surveys (e.g. from SPSS files or Microsoft Word™)
  • Survey structure/system architecture
  • Survey template (or “skins”) set-up
  • Adding questions including dynamic types
  • Modifying question elements, such as rotations
  • Adding logic, such as skips, terms and quotas
  • Working with sample sources

How does it work?

Let’s say you have a two-year term existing software contract that requires you to purchase a minimum of 10,000 completes per month. Your contract expires in September 2020. On the FocusVision Decipher Transition Plan, with a FocusVision Decipher contract, you’d be able to field up to 10,000 completes a month free of charge until your current contract expires. Any completes over the entire allotted survey completes would be charged at your FocusVision Decipher contract pricing.


Moving all your prior surveys can be a lot of work, and you still have your day job to think about. Let FocusVision do the heavy lifting for you. Set a review session with our migration & implementation team to breakdown your work into prior surveys you’ll need access to later and ongoing work, and to map out a training plan customized to your business. It’s that easy.

Still feel stuck?

Let’s discuss – we can find a solution that works for you; this is what we do every day.

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