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Next Level In-person or Digital Focus Groups Experiences

Everyone has their own story to tell. Whether captured in-person or online, video connects everyone to these stories, from anywhere in the world.

Digital Qual - Get the Opinions

FocusVision Live Video


Focus groups are no longer confined to four walls. FocusVision Live Video allows you to live-stream and record research, enabling entire teams to take part from any location.


  • All Live Video projects adhere to the highest security standards and are GDPR ready


  • With over 20 years of experience and regular updates to our service, you can be sure of a reliable stream.

More viewpoints:

  • With a virtual back room, you can host as many observers as you like. Each offering a different perspective.

Largest facility network:

  • Access the largest network of focus group facilities in the world and book your project easily through our online portal.

FocusVision InterVu


FocusVision InterVu is the browser based, modern, feature-rich online focus group and IDI solution with the same superior tech support that you’ve come to expect from FocusVision.

Modern UI:

  • Sleek interface with integrated audio that works within all modern browsers. No downloads required.

Comprehensive Project Management:

  • Projects can be booked quickly in five simple steps.
  • Easily manage multiple projects with the project calendar and avoid scheduling issues.

Full Technical Support, DIY or anywhere between:

  • Advanced interview and online focus groups capabilities with the level of service you require – all, none, or somewhere in-between – providing a good alternative to an in-person focus group or conversation.

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