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A modern solution for online focus groups

Reach a broad, diverse set of customers and get to their truth using powerful video interviews and online focus groups, with the same superior tech support you’d expect form FocusVision

FocusVision InterVu is an online focus group solution that has been custom designed for insights. The intuitive, feature rich platform is supported by all major browsers and will not require the download of any additional software. Rest assured that security and compliance is as tight as ever. Compliant with international, national and industry standards; the privacy conscious environment has multiple user roles so you can control exactly who has access and what they have access to.

Now you can reach people, anywhere, anytime to get feedback, understand what they think, see non-verbal responses, all from the comfort and safety of your home and theirs.

FocusVision InterVu brings together advanced interview and online focus groups capabilities with the level of service you require—all, none, or somewhere in-between. Now you have a good alternative to an in-person focus group or conversation, with the added convenience and flexibility of being online so you can get the most out of your conversations.

InterVu Services

You can run your projects independently or with full support, or anywhere in between. Choose the level of support and project management you need for each project and when you don’t require support, you’re able to run projects on you own.

FocusVision’s industry-leading InterVu product enables you to reach a broader, more diverse set of your customers

Project Management

From setting up the room and working with a recruiter to fill it, Project Managers will ensure that your session runs smoothly.

Your project manager will ensure you are trained up on the platform and have access to all the guides you need

FocusVision’s industry-leading InterVu product enables you to reach a broader, more diverse set of your customers

Live Tech Support

Our technicians will ensure that the participants’ are all set up to ensure no problems on the day of the research. If needed, they can work with the recruiter to replace participants. The technician will also be available live during the session to manage people getting into the room and to solve any technical issues that may occur.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Unlike many non-research designed platforms, FocusVision InterVu protects all data to the standards demanded by the most highly regulated industries and countries in the world. Our experience and knowledge about compliance enables us to protect your interests and provide you with assistance when needed. All of our data is encrypted through protocols such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and all of our data centers are SSAE16 Type II SOC2 or ISO27001 certified. Every year, we assess our protocols through internal and external security specialists.

Security and Privacy

A sleek and intuitive interface

Works within all modern browsers—no software downloads or installation required

Use your computer audio—no need to dial into a conference line

Privacy conscious environment with multiple user roles facilitating controlled access to sensitive PII data.

A comprehensive project management system enabling DIY booking and managing multi-country projects in the one place

Avoid scheduling conflicts by quickly seeing and managing your project calendar

Upload and update participant information directly to the platform

Create project templates with the stimuli that you want to use, these can be customized for a particular group or used fresh each group

Feature sets including polling, stimuli interaction and screen share

FocsuVision InterVu enables you to reach people anywhere, anytime. Understand their non-verbal responses, get an in-depth look at their facial expressions and body language to understand their reactions and direct feedback immediately.

The flexibility of FocusVision InterVu allows you to present stimuli, share screens, run polls and more within your interviews or focus groups.

With FocusVision InterVu you can now cost-efficiently maximize your team’s time to access and analyze live video focus groups, test concepts and creative, and monitor crisis management from any location, in real-time.

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