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FocusVision InterVu Now

Now anyone can run an online focus group

Connect. Engage. Discover.

In today’s digital-first age, a constant customer feedback loop is essential to drive product development and brand loyalty. However, large research projects that regularly tap the customer mindset can be expensive and time-consuming. Video provides a timely solution, as it enables deeper customer-to-brand connections and provides a highly effective platform for storytelling.

InterVu Now is a light version of FocusVision’s industry-leading InterVu product, leveraging more than two decades of research technology innovation and best practices. It’s a purpose-built online interviewing experience, with a user-friendly, instant-access interface.

It takes just minutes to get up and running. Optimizing your teams time to conduct live video focus groups, 1:1 interviews, concept testing, crisis management and more. InterVu Now adds the human element to your insights. Through high-quality video capture, interactive monitoring, easy playback features, and body language analysis; you get can closer to your Customer Truth.

Key features

Feature Description
Mic/camera selection Makes it easy to switch over to a different source, such as a digital TV in a conference room, by way of an HDMI connection.
Group Calls InterVu Now is designed to handle multi-party calls as well as 1:1 interviews. Ideally, groups should not exceed 8 participants.
Screen share Features an HD feed that adds clarity to presentations. Presenters can share their screen while keeping their face visible on the left side of the viewer.
Group chat Allows all group members to chat during the course of your session.
Room names As an InterVu Now account holder, you can claim personalized room names. Free users can claim one room name, while Subscription users can accumulate up to ten unique rooms. Each room can be locked, requiring consent from the room owner to join, or left unlocked so that anyone with the link can take part.
Recordings Room owners can elect to record calls. Recordings will appear in archives once processing is complete.
Privacy All participants joining a call will be asked for privacy consent prior to being recorded. Those who decline consent will have their cameras and mics disconnected.
Archiving Once recorded, you can access past calls chronologically or organized by room.
Multi-track playback View recordings either as a composite of all participants or by individual. This feature is available to Subscription users only.


Features Free Account Subscription ($199 monthly)
Video Calls 4 Participants 12 Participants
Claim room name 1 room 10 rooms
Screen share Yes Yes
Group chat Yes Yes
Video call archives 1 video 100 videos
Multi-track playback No Yes
Download Solo tracks No Yes

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Introducing InterVu Now

With FocusVision InterVu Now anyone can run an online focus group. Learn how you can make human connections anywhere in the world – fast, easy, and free.

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