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FocusVision Live Video

Watch, listen and interact to your customers, live

Driving product development, increasing brand loyalty and many other questions you need to answer in this digital age requires a constant customer feedback loop. With cost-pressures and the time it takes to travel, running offsite interviews and focus groups can be problematic. Live Video provides the perfect solution to such pain points.

Live Video allows you, your team and all your stakeholders to be in the room with a focus group or interview, wherever you may be based. Featuring the highest quality audio and video streams and the option of our unique FV360 solution, you can open up a world of insight, analysis and reporting to make smarter decisions in half the time.

With FocusVision, you’ll also have access to the largest network of focus group facilities around the world, and you can book your project quick and easy through our online portal.

Key Features

Feature Description
Virtual backroom Create a virtual backroom environment for an unlimited number of team members
Collaborate Communicate directly with the moderator in real time
Mark the moments Highlight key moments as you view footage. Save hours of review time and tell your stories more effectively
Record and Share Share recordings for on-demand viewing by your entire team. Edit, analyse and share your findings with FocusVision’s Video Insights solution
Facility network The world’s largest facility network
FV360 360 full-face-view camera puts focus group observers in the heart of the conversation
Transcripts Access transcripts, text and video synched. 24 hour turnaround available.
Privacy All Live Video projects adhere to the highest security standards and are GDPR ready

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