Focusvision Revelation: Deep-Dive Qualitative Studies and Ethnographic Research

With engaging activities, multi-media uploads and social media style interactions, FocusVision Revelation is a qualitative research solution taking you into your customers’ everyday lives. Participants can interact with the intuitive User Interface (UI) to share their thoughts and feelings, photographs and videos; enabling you to get close enough and uncover the emotions, motivations, and behaviors around the role of your brand within their lives.

Social engagement within the Revelation online qualitative research solution.

Rather than undertaking expensive in-home ethnographies, Revelation provides an online solution to build extended interactions with your customers in all geographic locations. The unobtrusive approach allows you to see what’s in your customer’s refrigerator, wardrobe, medicine cabinet in addition to their out-of-home experiences in the workplace, stores or on the street.

Revelation takes the complication out of running deep-dive, qualitative studies. Its enhanced analytical tools make it easy to gather insight from multi-media data without being too time intensive. Build your brands and products, improve your customer satisfaction by bringing their experiences to life in real-time. Uncover your Customer Truth through their lens with the most dynamic and user-friendly digital qualitative/mobile diary platform on the market today.

Key Features

Feature Description
Mobile Web and/or Native Mobile App The web-platform can be used on any device alongside the native mobile app. The mobile app can also be used as a standalone platform
Concept Canvas Optimize packaging or store fronts, create journeys and timelines, and countless other ways to capture feedback through the Concept Canvas tool
GDPR Compliant Privacy and security features keeps your data secure and compliant for GDPR
DIY or Professional Services Easily set up and run a study on your own or rely on our Professional Services support team
Activity-based platform Not simply a platform for question and answ er discussions, engage your participants with a variety of activities to learn about their lives

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