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As enterprises collect vast quantities of data in the form of digital body language, intent signals, website behavior, buying habits and more; Nothing is as effective as understanding your Customer Truth through the power of video. Video usage is growing and your entire enterprise can benefit from the advantages of a cloud-based, video content management and insights solution to tell the story of your business and your customer’s experience.

FocusVision is the only insights technology provider that helps you get close enough to your customers to provide a holistic view and understand how they think, feel and act. FocusVision Video Insights is a single, centralized source where all your insights media can be accessed and shared across the organization.

Our cloud-based solution also ensures the highest standard in data security. Downloading clips to individual desktops is a breach of corporate policy and against GDPR. With Video Insights video content management platform being cloud-based, all data lives in a single repository and can be accessed by the entire enterprise and still meet compliance guidelines.

Key features

Feature Description
Manage Centrally store, search and retrieve all video data.
Analyze Make sense of video with analytical functions (such as highlight reel) to make your organization smarter.
Edit Build your own highlight reels, merge automated ones; Become a storyteller.
Share Bring the voice of the customer into the room with supporting video and other media material.

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