Get Closer to your Customers: Understand the Voice of Your Customer – Customized to Your Business Model

98% of companies believe that understanding their customers is crucial to creating a relevant customer experience, yet only 23% say they understand why their customers act the way they do*. At FocusVision, we’re able to get you close enough to your customers to understand how they think, feel and act.

Companies that are able to accurately understand their customers typically have a holistic Voice of the Customer (VoC) program in place focusing on a wide range of subjects from Customer Experience, Customer Journey Mapping and much more. All these programs utilize insights tools to collect smaller data sets to then integrate with their in-house, big data sets.

What sets FocusVision apart from other VoC technology solutions is not just our ability to tell you what the current conditions are, but the ability to tell you why through various data lenses, so you can let your customers tell you how to get it right.

Every business is different

Before implementing any VoC program, it’s essential that the goals of the program are aligned to the business. For example, take two airlines; one is a premium long-haul carrier that prides itself on its quality of service, comfort, and other premium features. The other is a short-haul budget line whose primary goal is offer the cheapest possible flight to the maximum number of destinations.

Any VoC program must be aligned to the business model so it is measuring the correct metrics. While the budget airline may score low on quality of service and comfort, that’s not the business’ primary interest. They need to know that they’re offering the lowest prices, that’s what is important to them.

So, before any program is launched, FocusVision works with you to identify what the primary objectives are for your business. To begin a VoC program, first you must look inwards.

Going beyond VoC

FocusVision is unique in that it is the only vendor to offer a complete range of insight technologies that get you close enough to your customers to truly understand how they think, feel, and act.

This can be done by layering in mobile ethnographies, online research communities, and online focus groups to really uncover the why of your VoC program. By consolidating your insight vendor to just one, you’ll save on cost and time efficiencies and benefit from safer and greater data consolidation.

By utilizing our full range of solutions, we’re able to go beyond VoC, get you closer to your Customer Truth™, and even work to build a ‘Voice of the Enterprise’ program which incorporates multiple facets of the business.

Get Closer to your Customers: Understand the Voice of Your Customer - Customized to Your Business Model

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