Get Up, Stand Up: KinesisPanel for Panel Management Helps SoapBoxSample Reward the Outspoken

The challenge

SoapBoxSample (SoapBox) is a market research start-up pioneering new approaches to online and mobile research. At the heart of SoapBox is its proprietary panel, MySoapBox, which was built to not only collect data but also offer members a platform from which they can speak and truly be heard. SoapBox understood the power of offering digital gift cards as incentives to foster panelist engagement. They needed a partner to easily facilitate gift card redemption, present a vast gift card selection and deliver an automated reporting system.

The solution

SoapBox connected with FocusVision KinesisPanel for panel management and digital rewards provider, Tango Card, to deliver an integrated and fully-automated platform for distribution of digital rewards. This innovative platform allowed SoapBox to instantly deploy a large variety of rewards through a single environment. Thanks to the seamless integration of Tango Card’s digital rewards with the KinesisPanel panel management tool, respondents were able to shop a wide variety of gift cards from multiple brands. Gift cards were promptly dispersed through an automated system, thus building panelist trust and on-going engagement.

The results

In the Market Research industry, the average response rate for online consumer panels is 7%. Currently, SoapBox averages over 20%, which reflects high levels of panelist satisfaction and engagement. The types of gift cards redeemed illustrates the widespread diversity among consumer preferences and the importance of offering a broad incentive program.

“We are able to provide our panelists with a brilliant experience, helping us increase satisfaction, while decreasing time spent managing our program. Thanks to KinesisPanel, we have increased engagement, loyalty and retention”

Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample COO

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