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Getting Started with Agile Research Approach

Surveys and Reporting – Get the Facts

1. Iterate

Build a body of research knowledge, with each study furthering and deepening understandings of your customers, your industry, and broader landscape. This likely means numerous small studies interspersed with a few large-scale projects across a year.

Surveys and Reporting – Get the Facts

2. Focus

Precisely define the business question, pinpoint the most appropriate research approach and be very specific on the questions to address the business need. Note, this may mean getting comfortable with unasked questions.

Surveys and Reporting – Get the Facts

3. Collaborate

For an agile research approach to work, everyone involved in the research—directly or indirectly, internally and externally—need to be onboard with the new processes and participate in a truly collaborative manner. This means learning from one-another and being responsive to the adapted thinking.

How FocusVision Can Help:

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Run quick pulse studies

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Get into field quickly by using one of our templates or uploading your Microsoft Word document for automatic conversion into an online survey. Use Sample Marketplace for efficient and cost-effective sample. Share results with stakeholders though an online dashboard.

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Explore emotions with a 72-hour diary study

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Easily adapt one of the activities within the Activity Library and use the new Open Registration capability to quickly recruit participants from social networks.

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Sense check ideas with rapid fire online focus groups

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Stay connected with customers to understand what they are thinking and quickly sense check ideas with an online focus group or individual interview.


Illustrating an Iterative Insights Approach

Download this infographic mapping out how an iterative approach builds layers of insight and creates a continuous feedback loop.

Ask the Experts: Unpacking Agile Research

View this on-demand webinar with Carisha Larios, Quantitative Insights Specialist and Zoe Dowling, SVP Research at FocusVision discussing the current meanings of Agile within market research and how it is evolving within today’s insights needs.

COVID and Retail Environments—5 Steps to Addressing Shifting Needs in a Changed World

See the results from a short 7-question, 3-wave pulse survey that was fielded in FocusVision Decipher and using Sample Marketplace to provide quick and cost-efficient insights into the changing retail landscape.

A Little Asking Goes a Long Way: One Step to Adopting an Agile Research Approach

Read this blog discussing the challenge of leaving unasked questions and how to overcome the discomfort.

See for yourself: Begin your journey to better customer insights

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