Global PR Planning That Keeps the Finger on the Pulse of Hot Topics: Why 4media group Switched to FocusVision Decipher for Surveys

The challenge

In the fast-paced world of PR, you need to generate newsworthy content to ensure you’re placing stories for your clients on a regular basis. 4media group undertake multiple surveys monthly amongst consumers and B2B audiences, and the insight gathered from those studies is used to build stories for a range of media channels. Their existing survey and reporting platform wasn’t the right fit for the number of surveys they required. 4media group needed a more flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Scripting is nearly 50% faster and reporting nearly 70% faster

The solution

4media group first chose the panel management platform FocusVision Kinesis in order to address a primary need: to manage a high volume of respondents at a reasonable cost. Following a successful period using Kinesis, 4media group brought their survey scripting in-house and quickly found that the demand for the volume of surveys was outstripping their capacity to program. They decided to switch to FocusVision Decipher for their surveys as they required a more efficient and flexible solution for creating quick turnaround surveys. The Decipher + Kinesis integration was also a critical component for allowing them to scale up their programming to meet the demand of their clients.

Online surveys can be easily created using FocusVision Decipher.
An example survey created using FocusVision Decipher.

The results

The introduction of Decipher + Kinesis saw a rapid turnaround in survey production. 4media group are now able to field approximately 30 surveys per month, programmed by their internal team. The cloud-based functionality of the software means that programming can take place around the clock, globally to make the most of up to the minute survey opportunities. This continuous workflow was a key feature to increase their survey capacity. By introducing Decipher + Kinesis, 4media group can script their surveys nearly 50% faster and report nearly 70% faster when compared to their previous supplier. Not only were 4media group impressed, but their clients were also:

Media Measurement tool – FocusVision Decipher measures respondent feedback to multiple forms of media including advertising; opening up a whole new avenue of insight.

Modern Survey Experience – PR likes appearances and FocusVision Decipher is fit to grace any magazine cover. Clients are seriously impressed with the survey look and feel and the experience their respondents have when completing a survey.

Live Fieldwork – Clients have access to the field and reporting dashboard and can access results in real-time.

Analysis – Clients have access to the reporting functions and can run their own data analysis and customer reports, anytime, anywhere.

“FocusVision Decipher and Kinesis have really helped us manage a large number of surveys on a monthly basis and given us more time to ensure our surveys are of a high standard. Crucially, the support from the FocusVision team really sealed the deal. Suggestions are listened to and put into practice.”

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