Is It The Forest Or The Trees?: Understanding when to go big or small for your research needs

In research, no two objectives are ever alike. Some are big, overarching, foundational questions – who is our target audience? What’s going on in our category? How healthy is my brand? Others are straightforward, but pack an immediate business punch – Are consumers even aware this brand/product/touchpoint exists? Do they know our name? Does my campaign drive call to action? Each case requires a different and targeted research solution, but sometimes researchers get so invested in the possibility of what could be that the end need gets lost along the way. Suddenly, a straightforward but pressing business question that requires a simple 5-minute survey turns into a multi-phase, multi-methodology, multi-month undertaking that doesn’t meet the original brief’s needs.

In this webinar, guest speaker Carisha Larios, Quantitative Insights Specialist (and reformed ‘go big or go home’ researcher), will join Manny Rodriguez, Global Sales Director for Forsta, for an informal discussion exploring what it really means to go big and go small in research, and how to get more comfortable with leaving some research questions on the chopping block to better meet the immediate business need. There will be plenty of time for questions, so feel free to send them in advance or share on the day.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How to think about the research brief to understand size and scope of the project
  • Examples of when it’s best to use small vs. large scale research
  • Whether it’s time to say goodbye to large scale research for good (this is a provocative lead – it’s obviously not..)

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