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More Than Just a Lighthearted Activity: Understanding Social Media Video Sharing Behaviors and Motivations

Understanding Video Sharing

Given the growing importance of video as a medium, FocusVision sought to better understand video sharing and how videos are consumed among today’s consumers. For the sake of simplicity, we focused on short video clips (15 minutes or less) for our investigation.

Our research approach consisted of sampling 1,000 adults across the US and UK markets through a 15-minute online survey. The survey was hosted on FocusVision’s Decipher survey platform and utilized a responsive design, which was user-friendly for both desktop and mobile survey-takers. The sample was balanced by gender and age to be representative of both regions.

Illustration depicting video sharing from a mobile device in the home.
Video viewing and sharing is a solo activity that often happens in the home.

We set out to explore:

Video Sharing Behaviors and Motivations

  • Why do people share videos on social media and what motivates them?
  • What kind of videos do they share and who are they sharing with?
  • What platforms do they use and what kind of content do they share?

Video Sharing and Brands

  • What role do brands play in video sharing?
  • How do brands create successful (shared) videos?

Key Socials Segments

  • Do important differences exist by age, gender or geographical region?

This paper highlights how the growing trend of branded video sharing is affecting consumer behavior. FocusVision sought to better understand this trend and executed a research study among consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom. This paper outlines the full details of this research, along with implications for researchers.

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