Online Qualitative: 10 Activities to Understand Your Customer


We know that delivering high quality, relevant customer experiences that resonate on an emotional and rational level leads to increased customer satisfaction or retention, new innovations, and increased sales. In fact, in a Harvard Business Review Analytical Services study, sponsored by FocusVision, 98% of senior business leaders believe understanding customers is crucial to creating a relevant customer experience, but only 23% say they understand very well why their customers act the way they do.

Harvard Business Review Analytical Services study, sponsored by FocusVision

Similarly, in a Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by FocusVision, 93% of companies agree that customers are more likely to spend money with a brand they feel connected to. But only 38% strongly agree they know why one customer chooses to buy from their brand while another doesn’t.

Forrester Consulting study

The same Forrester Consulting study showed that both how a customer thinks and feels drives business outcomes, such as purchase, loyalty, and advocacy, but how they feel has 1.5 times more impact on that outcome.
In short, emotions matter. But how can you uncover emotions through research? FocusVision Revelation allows you to deep dive into your customers’ lives and uncover behaviors and emotions. FocusVision Revelation

Forrester Consulting study

Here’s 10 Activities to explore…

10 Activities to explore relevant customer

1.Photo Metaphor

Photo Metaphor relevant customer

2.Letter Writing

Letter Writing consulting study

3.Can It Go There?

>Can It Go There? consulting study


Eulogies consulting study

5.Behavior Diaries

Behavior Diaries customer

6.Mobile Spotter Diaries

Mobile Spotter Diaries

7.Process / Purchase Diaries

Process / Purchase Diaries forrester consulting study

8.Mini Documentaries

Mini Documentaries forrester consulting study


Personification forrester consulting study


Storytelling relevant customer

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