ResearchReporter Streamlines Market Research Workflow for Roche Pharmaceuticals

The challenge

Market Researchers working in the pharmaceutical industry face a unique set of demands. Aside from the overall objectives of understanding customers and collecting data-driven insights, they must also meet internal requirements. Compliance, procurement, and legal requirements must also be met in order to run a project. As an international enterprise with ever-changing requirements that vary from country to country, the researchers at Roche Pharmaceuticals found the challenge of coordinating multiple departmental needs to be an administrative nightmare. They sought a way to implement an electronic system to streamline workflow and reduce the amount of time and stress spent dealing with administrative details.

The solution

Roche began with a full evaluation of the workflow and tools needed to meet the organization’s market research and business requirements. Two possible outcomes were identified for improving processes: utilize ResearchReporter by FocusVision, an external technology platform solution; or develop an internal technology platform solution. Roche designed a scorecard to objectively compare the two solutions. The entire evaluation process involved each stakeholder early and often. Internal needs and desires were questioned in order to establish and balance the right priorities among conflicting pressures. A consensus was reached to pursue ResearchReporter, and extensive testing took place to ensure all stakeholder requirements were embedded into the selected system. Overall usability was the primary focus from the outset.

The results

Roche deployed an integrated solution from ResearchReporter that enabled multiple systems to interoperate, creating a seamless workflow solution. This significantly improved user engagement due to multiple benefits, including a single-system log-in, an automated workflow that guided researchers through project details and approvals, and a global view of all research activity. Following the company’s initial installment of ResearchReporter in their Basel, Switzerland location, word spread that it eased compliance with internal policies. Additional Roche locations around the world have now implemented ResearchReporter and are reaping the benefits of a unified system. As part of Roche’s regular assessment of internal user feedback on IT solution implementations, the ResearchReporter system scored second-highest in user satisfaction, topped only by Microsoft Office.

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