Qualitative Research: How FocusVision Revelation Helped a Leading Pharmaceutical Company Deliver a Caring Touch

The Challenge

A cancer diagnosis is life-altering for patients and caregivers alike. In an effort to provide an empathetic service environment, a leading pharmaceutical company sought answers to difficult and sensitive questions. They turned to Market Strategies International (MSI) to provide a deeper understanding of the personal dynamics related to cancer diagnoses, treatment decisions, and actual treatments, from the caregiver perspective.
Using qualitative research and pharmaceutical research to find answers.

The Solution

MSI enlisted FocusVision Revelation to deliver an easy and familiar qualitative research platform for participants to interact with researchers and each other. The MSI team encouraged discussion and feedback among the group and designed activities to help them express their emotions through music and imagery. Caregivers took part in social media-style bulletin boards, diaries and insight communities on both mobile and web platforms. This allowed these busy individuals to submit content on their own time.

The Results

The qualitative research study revealed a disparate understanding of the role caregivers play in the lives of cancer patients. Those being cared-for did not realize the amount of time, thought and effort their caregivers invested in their well-being. The pharmaceutical company used this data to better communicate with patients, caregivers, and physicians. An unexpected and welcomed offshoot of this project was the formation of a highly-engaged micro-community made up of the qualitative research study’s participants. This group shared much-needed information and support, with some members even reaching out directly to others during medical emergencies.

“The Revelation platform was easy and approachable for all parties involved, and the participants were the most engaged of any I’ve ever worked with. The group even formed their own micro-community. It was an honor to learn from them.”

Nicky Halverson, Vice President, Market Strategies International Customer Loyalty

The Revelation qualitative research platform was used to engage with study participants.

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