Surveys and Reporting – Get the Facts

Get the Facts with Surveys and Reporting from FocusVision

Surveys and Reporting – Get the Facts

Running surveys and managing panels has never been easier. Our solutions are suitable for all, from the experienced programmer making use of advanced XML to the DIY researcher wanting to run a quick copy test. New features such as Sample Marketplace, our range of templates and the “Start with Word” functionality makes it even easier to get closer to your customers and understand how they think feel and act. Within our Survey and Reporting solutions, we have two products — FocusVision Decipher and FocusVision Kinesis Panel.

FocusVision Decipher

Build your surveys your way and connect to your customers across the globe to understand how they think, feel and act.

FocusVision Decipher makes it easy and fast to launch your surveys. You can “Start with Word” by uploading a Microsoft Word questionnaire as a starting point, use one of our multiple templates or dig down into the nitty gritty by starting from scratch.

Once your survey is ready, you can plug in your own sample, that of a provider or use our automated Sample Marketplace functions to connect with participants across the globe.

Built for the mobile world, participants will be able to view your survey on their device of choice, while you can see their data in real-time and optimize where necessary.

Upon closure, you can quickly share insights using dashboards or the one-click to PowerPoint feature and rest assured that your survey has been carried out under the strictest security standards.

This product has been amazing for my small team. It is extremely easy to use and gives the user a ton of power on both the front and backs ends of the survey design process.

Decipher is user friendly for experienced and less experienced programmers and researchers. It offers many possibilities for survey design and complex logic.

I have used Decipher for over 5 years now and I like that it is constant improving and have improved quite a bit since 5 years ago. The whole platform is quite intuitive – so it is also easy to train new joiners on how to use it.

FocusVision Kinesis Panel

Sometimes you need more than just plain sample. You need to build a community of your customers, manage them in a safe, secure environment and ensure that they’re incentivized for taking part in your research.

FocusVision has just the platform. FocusVision Kinesis Panel enables you to build your own, branded web portal, giving your customers the complete experience, they’d associate with your business. You can keep a close eye on how they are behaving so you can ensure that they’re both active and happy.

Finally, you can keep a tight rein on finance management with the ability to link up with third-party payment systems.


Introduction to FocusVision Decipher

FocusVision Decipher makes it easy for you to create and distribute surveys optimized for all devices.

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