Why InterVu?

Get to the heart of your customers through online focus groups and online video interviews with FocusVision InterVu.

  1. Gain customer insights – Now you can reach people, anywhere, anytime to get feedback. Understand what they think and see non-verbal responses. Save time and costs by hosting focus groups online.
  2. Replicate Facility Activity – Moderators can reproduce virtually every facility-based activity including sharing and marking stimuli, storytelling and polling.
  3. Secure, compliant environment – Unlike non-research designed platforms, FocusVision InterVu is purpose-built and protects all data to the standards demanded by the most highly regulated industries and countries in the world.
  4. Share stories through the power of video – Highlight key themes from your customers with individual and group views to showcase their authentic viewpoints. Download and share videos at your convenience.
  5. Capture emotions quickly – get an in-depth look at facial expressions and body language to get reactions and direct feedback immediately.

FocusVision’s industry-leading InterVu product enables you to reach a broader, more diverse set of your customers and get to the heart of their truth in a matter of minutes by conducting powerful video interviews and online focus groups quickly and easily from anywhere using a secure, compliant platform with all the functionality you need to conduct, capture and use your data.

FocusVision InterVu Gain customer insights

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