Why FocusVision Revelation? Digital Qualitative and Mobile Diary Platform

FocusVision Revelation is the most dynamic and user-friendly digital qualitative/mobile diary platform on the market today.

  1. Participant friendly – intuitive to navigate, encourages commenting and sharing
  2. Researcher friendly – enhanced participant management and analytics tools (e.g. word tree)
  3. Native mobile app – fully integrated with web-based, but can also be used as a standalone tool

FocusVision Revelation is an activity-based platform, providing a series of activities for participants to engage in to explore emotions, behaviors, and contexts for deep insights.

FocusVision Revelation 20/20 Recollective iTracks dScout
*2017 industry survey among research professionals
Intuitive, updated UI with mobile first design capabilities
Extensive activity library
Global footprint with extensive language offerings
Expert support staff with deep research expertise
Native mobile app with online capabilities

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Digital Qual – Get the opinions

FocusVision Revelation makes qualitative research as simple as social media interaction. This is directly in-line with today’s culture, who naturally communicates via social using their mobile devices. Learn how FocusVision Revelation lets you capture in-the-moment insights.

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