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FocusVision Video Insights provides you the most secure, GDPR ready environment for your video research assets.

  1. Manage all content in one place – Organize your entire teams’ assets. Host video, along with supporting documents, and other stimuli and save these assets for use in the project at hand and future initiatives.
  2. What you need, when you need it – Powerful search functions can explore years of project content so you can manage and use what you need. Tag assets and create taxonomies to keep projects organized and searchable.
  3. Cloud-based analysis tools – Question your data, collaborate with your team and stakeholders to easily edit video clips and create playlists. Use flexible templates when required and bring in all media types to really dazzle your stakeholders.
  4. Security – Share quickly-assembled video top lines and in-depth analysis with your team through our secure, cloud-based platform. The videos are protected to the best-in-class security standards and being cloud-based, covers any issues related to GDPR.
  5. Easily managed – Videos have a searchable timecode transcription, so you can quickly find the moments in your video that matter. Easily clip videos and create highlight reels like an editing professional.

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Build it your way: FocusVision Decipher Innovations video research, video research management
Build it your way: FocusVision Decipher Innovations video research, video research management

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