In-person connections generated by focus groups and IDIs help you dig deeper into research topics and capture insights that will inform important business decisions. Streaming technology speeds, optimizes and invigorates qualitative research by:

Saving time and money related to travel costs.

Encouraging teams to collaborate in real-time and post-group reviews.

Allowing researchers to collect, archive and re-purpose important insights.

FocusVision offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of streaming focus group technology, enabling more immersive and effective qualitative research than ever before.

FV Classic Live

The Industry Standard for Live Streaming Focus Groups and IDIs

FV Classic Live (formerly VideoStreaming) lets pro researchers and key stakeholders observe and interact with focus groups and IDIs from any location, without needing to travel. With provision for an unlimited number of remote viewers, FV Classic Live ensures that all team members can get live views of each participant’s screen and faces for a more impactful and collaborative experience.

FV360 Live

The Most Immersive Streaming Focus Group Experience

FV360 Live brings researchers closer than ever to the heart of insight. The FV360 camera places remote and onsite research observers in the center of the conversation, where expressions, emotions and non-verbal cues can be clearly witnessed and evaluated. FV360 Live’s streaming technology ensures that researchers and stakeholders can enjoy the same perspectives from anywhere in the world.

FV Video Insights

Easily Manage Video Assets to Tell the Story Behind your Research

FV Video Insights (formerly 24tru) provides all the tools needed to rapidly search and review video, and other metadata, to uncover critical consumer moments. Not just a repository, but a meaningful, living digital summary of research data, which can be easily transcribed for text-based search, video reporting and sharing of learnings with key stakeholders.

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