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Dig deeper. Talk to your customers face-to-face, create communities
and everything else qualitative.

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Find out the why

Behind every statistic, number or finding – there are people. Data will tell you what they’re doing,
but you need to dig deeper to find out why. How you ask is up to you.

We have three ways to help you listen.


Qualitative research as simple as posting to social media

Today’s generation finds it natural and easy to upload their thoughts through their mobile to social media.
Why make their experience any different with you?

Start discussions
Let your customers post and comment on a live feed, just like on social media.

Get instant feedback
Post your latest ads, concept or packaging and see what people think and feel about them.

Get live updates
Set people activities to write a daily or weekly diary, wherever they want.

Bring your community together
Interact with a sample of your key customers through one virtual hub.

Find the most common phrases
Search for words and see a ‘word tree’ of related comments.

Get help whenever you need it
Our team is around all day, every day.

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Let the research come to you

A focus group doesn’t have to be confined to four walls anymore. Live-stream the research, so the whole team can take part, wherever they are. And record it for anyone not there.


Get the whole team involved
You can have an unlimited number of people watching and chatting remotely.

Feel like you’re in the room
Everyone watching can see a 360° view of the whole room with 360 Live.

Work together to get the most out of the group
Chat with team members during the session. Make changes and decisions faster.

Record and share the best bits
Get a transcript and subtitles, edit the clips.

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Let the researcher go to them

Not everyone is willing or able to come to you. But you still want to talk face-to-face,
and run your group like you would in person.

Bring together people from across the world
With a video call, one researcher can be in five places at once.

Everything is easier when it’s digital
Run polls, draw on the screen, and share files.

Help is at hand
Our team will help your customers and employees with everything, from the recruitment to the tech.

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Get the most from video now

Now you can organize and manage research-related video assets, images and reports,
and bring your insights together.

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Get the facts

Find out what the consensus is. Run your surveys, panels, reports and everything else quantitative.

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Tell the story

Video makes it easier to show the insights you’ve made. Understand the data, highlight the insights, and then share it.

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