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Whatever your project goal, target audience, or market, FocusVision is the only research technology provider with the breadth and depth of offer to suit your every need.

We provide solutions in Surveys & Reporting, Digital Qual & Live Video, Video Insights, and blended approaches, to help you deliver with clarity, confidence, and impact.

Discover How

Customers think and feel. You need to understand both to know them.

Some discoveries begin by spotting the pattern in the numeric data. Others come about by spotting patterns in conversations or from spotting how people behave.

Either way, once you’ve made that discovery, you need to tell and share the story. Video can bring that to life, and help explain what you’ve learned.

Our software helps you do three things:

Find out what the consensus is. Run your surveys, panels, reports and everything else quantitative.

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Dig deeper. Talk to your customers face-to-face, create communities and everything else qualitative.

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Video makes it easier to show the insights you’ve made. Understand the data,
highlight the insights, and then share it.

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Every challenge has a solution.
It depends on your question.

No matter your role, research can help your business.

Grow your brand

Learn what makes people loyal to you over your competitors.

Make your customers happier

See the world through their eyes, and what their experience with your business is like.

Refine your product

You can see what’s working and what’s not, and build.

Build brilliant communications

Measure how well your advertisements and marketing campaigns are doing.

Create a better culture for your employees

Ask your people how they feel, and make sure your best people stick around.

Test your user experience

Figure out what the bugbears are, and how you can improve.

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You’re in safe hands

Your data is secure

Everything is encrypted, with protocols like Secure Socket Layer (SSL). And your data will follow the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

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You’ll have help
whenever you need it

Our service team can consult on how to design your research, roll it out, train your people, and report on your results. They can also help recruit and manage panels, and train you to use our tools.

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