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As the global leader in qualitative and quantitative market research, FocusVision can manage all your market research, all on one platform. All the technology you need to discover and deliver meaningful insights.

Quant and Qual, Together at Last

FocusVision offers best-in-class video streaming for focus groups and ethnographic research, online software and mobile device usability studies, and the most advanced survey programming and reporting tools. For 25 years, our innovative solutions have enabled qualitative researchers to get close to consumers, observe their stories, and obtain better insights. Now our quantitative research products collect the raw data to put those insights to better use. FocusVision simply provides the most in-depth research available from any single company.

With offices in six countries across five continents and the world’s largest network of focus group facilities — 1,400 in 60 countries — FocusVision truly is a global leader in market research.

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