All New Year, All New FocusVision InterVu

All New Year, All New InterVu

Video streaming technology has become more critical to our lives than ever. Whilst we may not physically be able to be with our friends and loved ones, video streaming allows us the next best thing, and the whole world has embraced this technology. There has never been an easier time to reach out to participants anywhere around the world.

As we enter into the new year, it is with great excitement that I’m able to announce the launch of our all-new InterVu Platform.

The new platform is the result of the tremendous feedback we’ve received from our valued customers, over a decade of experience gained delivering our customers critical research, and the tireless efforts of our team that helped make the product a reality.

Whilst there are too many big changes to list here, here are just a few of the exciting features of our new platform.

Be confident everyone will arrive.

Getting people into InterVu couldn’t be easier. All it takes is a simple click. No downloads, no telephone lines, no complications, just a simple link. We can even reach out to your participants beforehand and help them connect so you can be sure everyone will arrive.

Once in the meeting room, engage your participants with high-quality video calls, rich interactive polls, and mark up exercises, screen share, and more! Once your session is concluded the recording will be made available to you in minutes.

All New Year, All New InterVu Be confident everyone will arrive.

Easy project scheduling and robust participant management tools

When you ask researchers how they conduct their research projects, you are usually greeted with a long list of different applications that they use. We saw this as an opportunity to make things simpler and the all-new InterVu includes all the tools you need to manage your participants, schedule sessions, conduct your research, and keep all your recordings handily in one place. So, whether you are running a quick IDI call in five minutes, or orchestrating a larger research effort, you can depend on InterVu to meet the need.

Easy project scheduling and robust participant management tools

We are here if you need us

We’ve adopted a flexible approach to support to match your needs and budget. FocusVision’s dedicated support team can assist you with everything from setting up and configuring your projects, to helping you bring participants into the research itself and responding to any issues your users may face.

Alternatively, if you want to run a project on your own, we still provide top class technical support that’s only a click away.

In safe hands

Researchers know the importance of protecting their participants’ personal information. However, many of the tools out there often make it challenging to stay in compliance whilst still being productive.

InterVu was built with the philosophy “privacy by design”, so all PII is protected with strong controls on who can and cannot access the private information of respondents and we ensure that any information is securely deleted when no longer needed. All of which is done seamlessly in the application, so you can effortlessly remain in compliance.

These are just a few of the new and exciting improvements to InterVu, so stay tuned for more updates about the new platform over the coming weeks. We look forwards to welcoming you to the all-new InterVu experience!

If you’d like to find out more about the all-new InterVu or to arrange a demonstration please click here and get in touch…

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