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The Invisible Tax on Your Marketing Investments

InnerView and FocusVision partnered to find out if companies are using what they know about the customer to build their brand story? Are they able to tell the story consistently during each interaction? The research indicates that many of the issues that marketers face could be self-inflicted.

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SiriusDecisions Summit: Leading The Way With Customer Centricity

Last week I attended my first SiriusDecisions Summit, which also happened to be my first marketing conference. Aside from walking away with some fun swag (including a book on content storytelling, a new headshot, and fluffy bears for my niece, nephew, and cat), I also left with a lot to ponder.

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Helping Good Market Researchers Get Better

If you would like to brush up on Advanced Analytical Techniques, improve on Communicating Research Results, learn about Emerging Methods and the Future of Market Research, or a number of other topics, Market Research Institute International (MRII) has courses for you.

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What can a marketer learn from a researcher? Dawn Colossi

What Can a Marketer Learn from a Researcher?

What can a marketer learn from a researcher? Dawn Colossi, FocusVision’s CMO, shares her thoughts on why no marketing department should be operating without researchers who find the ‘why’ to inform the marketer’s ‘how’ and how bringing the two together creates a very strong advantage for the business.

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What Can a Researcher Learn from a Marketer?

Explore how these two roles can form a powerful pair with researchers’ working to understand people and marketers’ working to get buyers to respond, and how in today’s experience economy, the dual lens of Marketing and Research is the winning combination.

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It’s Good to Talk: Breaking Down Organizational Silos

As companies transform themselves, there is an increasing need to build bridges across departments. Zoë Dowling gives us a valuable perspective on how Insights departments can take a lead in breaking down silos within organizations.

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Content Is King – Ask Customers What They Need

Asking about customers content needs isn’t necessarily top of mind when it comes to research but it is a powerful way to learn how to help them and in turn, deliver even better, more valuable customer experiences.

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