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Where Have all the Rainbows Gone?

FocusVision asked 1500 U.S. consumers how they felt about LGBTQ in advertising, whether brands were doing an appropriate job representing LGBTQ and how this impacted their purchasing decisions using FocusVision Decipher.

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Are CEOs Negatively Impacting Customer Experience?

The success of Customer Experience should begin with decisions made by the CEO. Only through this unified pursuit of Customer Truth will brands be able to create and operationalize a sustainable and predictable business model for the future, and a brand experience which is valued by their customer.

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The Age of the Fluid Fan?

Last week I read a fantastically interesting report published by Sports Innovation Lab called ‘A New Age of Sports’. The wide-ranging report covered many facets of the sports industry, but something, in particular, horrified me… The Age of the Fluid Fan.

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What can a marketer learn from a researcher? Dawn Colossi

What Can a Marketer Learn from a Researcher?

What can a marketer learn from a researcher? Dawn Colossi, FocusVision’s CMO, shares her thoughts on why no marketing department should be operating without researchers who find the ‘why’ to inform the marketer’s ‘how’ and how bringing the two together creates a very strong advantage for the business.

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What Can a Researcher Learn from a Marketer?

Explore how these two roles can form a powerful pair with researchers’ working to understand people and marketers’ working to get buyers to respond, and how in today’s experience economy, the dual lens of Marketing and Research is the winning combination.

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CES 2019

On the Ground at CES: Day One

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a fanfare for all sectors of tech enthusiasts to lap up new offerings…

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