Decipher’s Got a New Look!

We’ve spent many years committed to delivering an outstanding user experience for Decipher survey respondents. However, in today’s world we know that having a good user interface isn’t limited to respondents but is also extremely important to you.

As part of our commitment to innovation, we are updating the look and feel of all our core offerings over the course of 2018. Decipher is the first and we’re excited to share with you the latest in a line of updates.

Our updated UI includes a better navigation to improve your workflow, allowing you to still use all the same powerful features and functionalities you’re used to. We hope you
enjoy this refreshed style!

Decipher’s modernized design

The new modernized design of the portal has a refreshed, contemporary layout for better user experience and improved legibility. It includes updated portal view, with list and grid views available.

A look at Decipher's updated UI showing the portal view, with list and grid views available.
Decipher survey portal

Updated header for easier navigation

The new header is now on every page of the application, making it easy to determine where you are in the platform and how it relates to the current state of your project. The new navigation makes your project workflow much more simple: Build > Test > Distribute > Report.  Now you can easily access commonly-used tools like Survey Editor and Themes that were previously buried in menus.

Improved survey editor

Our survey editor now has a cleaner interface that’s much easier on the eyes. You now have the ability to ‘Change Question Type’ in the dropdown allowing you to switch your question type with ease (not shown).  There is also a ‘New Options’ dropdown that has been added for Style, Save to Library, Duplicate & Delete (not shown).

Decipher's updated survey editor now has a cleaner interface.
Decipher survey editor

Style updates throughout the platform

Decipher project overview. Pro Tip: In addition to selecting the project name in the portal, ‘OVERVIEW’ will take you back to the project overview.

What’s next?

We’ve been doing a bit of research ourselves, asking customers just like you what we can do to improve our platform. We’re running concept tests for new survey editor ideas and soon we’ll be building out prototypes to determine our best, most feasible opportunities for the future.

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