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Facility Spotlight Blog - Fieldwork Fieldwork has a unique corporate structure.

Welcome to our Market Research Facility Spotlight Blog where our partners have the opportunity to showcase their facility, their experiences, and opinions. This week we’re featuring our friends from Fieldwork.

  1. Tell us about your facility

Fieldwork has 15 facilities in 12 cities throughout the US. Each is unique in design and décor, but with many standards that they all share. Our 40 years of experience working with a range of clients and projects have given perspective as to what is important in a facility.

Our locations are carefully chosen to be convenient for both clients and respondents, to be near amenities such as hotels and restaurants, and to be in buildings and areas that are professional, comfortable and safe.

Flexibility is important, so our spaces include rooms of various sizes, with options for any kind of set-up you can imagine. Our suites also have flexible viewing options including wrap-around glass, floor to ceiling glass, closed-circuit viewing, and of course, video streaming.

Fieldwork facilities are specially built to let in lots of natural light, to have nice views, to have open spaces and private spaces, all with finishes and furniture that are fresh, modern and comfortable.

Our facilities all have local recruiting rooms (most are on-site), giving us the benefit of local community knowledge and outreach to ensure the highest standard of recruiting.

Facility Spotlight Blog Denver - Fieldwork Fieldwork has a unique corporate structure.

Research Facility Fieldwork Denver

  1. Tell us what makes you unique.

Fieldwork has a unique corporate structure. Our facility and service presidents are part owners – entrepreneurs who can make decisions locally based on clients’ needs. Our facilities and services work together as well. Presidents meet twice annually to discuss policies and share best practices (as well as funny stories – see below). Project managers and phone room managers meet annually. We are a close-knit group accustomed to working together to ensure the best research results for our clients. For example, if one of our facilities can’t accomplish a recruiting project, they can reach out to our National Recruiting Center, they can recommend our Webwork services for online interviews, or they can send our Fieldwork Anywhere team to get interviews in person for those who can’t travel to us. Our clients get local expertise and decision making from a large international company with tons of resources.

Facility Spotlight Blog Atlanta - Fieldwork Fieldwork has a unique corporate structure.

Research Facility Fieldwork Atlanta

  1. What is a typical day for you?

There’s no such thing as a typical day at a facility of course, but here are some of the things that happen daily at all of our facilities. Project managers send comprehensive updates to their clients (clients have a single point of contact at each facility). The update includes respondent profiles and notes on how the recruit is progressing. When a project is completed, they send a report on how things went. All Fieldwork facilities have a local recruiting team, so communications between the phone room, project manager, and client happen seamlessly throughout the day as necessary. Client services managers review and handle on-site needs for clients, including meals, room set-ups, and all respondent management issues. Our client service reps are skilled in handling any kind of respondent issue and communicating honestly and openly with on-site moderators. Every afternoon, there is a staff meeting with recruiting managers, project managers, presidents, and others as necessary to discuss the details and progress of each project. Project managers and Presidents particularly enjoy meeting clients in person that they have been working with.

Facility Spotlight Blog Phoenix - Fieldwork Fieldwork has a unique corporate structure.

Research Facility Fieldwork Phoenix

  1. What’s the funniest/strangest moment you have had at your facility?

Well it could be the time…

A respondent pulled a cocktail wiener out of a cat litter box and ate it. (It was there to represent cat poop).


A client inadvertently turned on his webcam during an online interview and our Webwork team got to see him in his underwear.


A respondent picked her zit in the one-way mirror (before the moderator had a chance to tell her there were people behind it who could see her).


Clients in the viewing room decided to create some “new” squeeze toy critters by dismembering the current ones and putting the various pieces together with toothpicks.


A respondent for a marijuana study, on being informed that they would not be sampling the product in the group, excused himself to go to the bathroom and never returned.

Yes, we could go on forever.

Facility Spotlight Blog Chicago-Downtown - Fieldwork Fieldwork has a unique corporate structure.

Research Facility Fieldwork Chicago Downtown

  1. In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more challenging to meet client expectations. What are some of the ways you have found to measure the success of the research projects?

Every project is a new challenge. We have a diverse client base and, subsequently, a wide variety of project types. We cannot rely on a single solution or metric to make a project successful or to measure the project’s success. We build a customized approach to each engagement. It all starts in the proposal phase. Together with our client, we identify the expectations and desired objectives for them and for their client. We must thoroughly understand the research objectives in order to recruit and host successfully. Success is defined by expectations.

For instance, If the budget is important, we can cater the recruit to meet budgetary expectations. The project is completed within budget is a clear measure of success. If the exact specifications or number of recruits is the absolute authority, completing the recruit exactly as specified is a clear indication of success.

Our methodology is most successful with constant communication between clients, recruiters and our client services teams. It is a collaboration. With the focus on the experience and overall relationship, our measure of the project’s success is evident in our interaction with the client.

In addition to getting feedback on each individual project, we regularly solicit general feedback from clients. This means regularly calling and chatting with past and prospective clients, having a presence at industry events and conferences, hosting local clients and organizations at our facilities for casual get-togethers or meetings. We want to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry and learn first-hand how we can make our clients’ jobs easier. We share that information systemwide with special software that tracks client information and preferences.

Facility Spotlight Blog LA Orange County - Fieldwork Fieldwork has a unique corporate structure.

Research Facility Fieldwork LA Orange County

  1. Why do you think in-person research is a critical part of every brand-owners toolkit?

Fieldwork was founded by moderators, so our belief in the value of in-person research is in our blood. Our continued growth over the last 40 years is a testament to that value. Employees from Fortune 500 and high growth companies are regularly represented in our viewing rooms. Even as quantitative research has gotten less expensive and more comprehensive through technology and big data, companies know that only through in-person research can they get answers to “why.” Things have morphed a lot over the years, but the fundamental importance of face-to-face interaction remains constant.

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