Guest Blog: The Annual 2016 meaning Survey

The Market Research Technology Survey for 2016 is about to launch. FocusVision and meaning are working together for this year’s survey!

Our annual survey has a habit of uncovering some unexpected findings each year. Last year, one of these was the extent to which CAPI is about to eclipse CATI as a method, thanks to the boost in viability it has received from mobile data and cheap consumer tablets. We’re keen to see if it has managed to edge ahead in 2016, as that looked very likely.

Now, we are on the hunt for the other defining transformations taking place in 2016 at the point where research and technology. There’s a lot going on in the research technology space. For the 2016 survey, we’ve picked out three important topics facing research today, for a closer look.

The first of these is the increasing importance of the visual both in presenting data and in collecting it. The second is to look at the progress market research is making in working with Big Data. We will be revisiting a couple of the questions we asked on this topic in 2010 which will help put a figure on the progress MR providers are making here.

Something else our study has revealed over the years is the uneasy relationship that research often has with technology. Research companies struggle to embrace change for a variety of reasons not least because a constant approach is so often a virtue in research. Then there’s the technology too, which may not be as approachable and well-rounded as research providers need it to be. So, our third area of exploration is the tensions that exist within research around the technology it uses. We’re sure there will be a few surprises to reveal here too.

We’re just about to open the 2016 survey, so if you get an invitation to participate, please click the link and give us your take on these things. If you’d like to participate, and you don’t get an invite, send us an email showing your name, company and the country where you are based and we will make sure we invite you. (We will only use your email to contact you over this survey).

Tim Macer, Managing Director at meaning

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