Highlights from the FocusVision Mobile Trends Report: 2018 Update

Here are a few toplines from our latest mobile trends report, representing data from over 160 million online surveys starts in 2017. Download the full report.

Smartphones continue to erode desktop share

Smartphone access to online surveys now represents over a third of all survey starts on FocusVision’s Decipher platform. Smartphones are quickly eating away at desktop share, with every sign that this trend will continue. Tablet usage has remained at the same level for a number of years and is unlikely to make further headway.

The importance of sample source

Panel sample has much lower smartphone penetration compared to client supplied sample (e.g. a customer email list). Our 2017 numbers show a typical study using client supplied sample may see as much as 39% penetration via smartphone, while similar usage falls to 24% among panel sample. Interestingly, panel sample has seen much growth in smartphone device usage over the years; closing the gap with the rest of the survey taking population.

Smartphone completion rates have leveled-out

Survey completion rates for users on larger screen devices remain better than those on smaller smartphone screens. However, for the past few years, overall completion rates for smartphone users have stopped improving. Decipher’s mobile-first responsive design (technology which automatically reformats a survey for optimal viewing regardless of device size) was introduced in 2013. At such time, we experienced increasing client attention toward mobile friendly survey designs. Smartphone completion rates improved dramatically during this period, but plateaued shortly after, suggesting there is still more work to be done to engage these users.

It’s not all about screen size

Phablets or smartphone devices with a larger display screen size between 5 to 7 inches represents a significant share of mobile devices. However, the increasing size of smartphones (with larger screens) has not translated to improved completion rates among the mobile population mobile. Smartphone users are simply less engaged with surveys compared to respondents using tablets or desktops.

All of this has major implications for researchers, given the latest data foreshadows smartphone users will become the predominant portion of the population accessing surveys.

Download the full report

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