Mobile Ethnography: Understand Your Customer Through Their Lens

To deliver exceptional experiences for our customers, we need to understand them, and their lives in entirety. But how can we do this? We can’t be with our customers all the time and even if we could be, our presence would impact the way they go about their everyday routines. Fortunately, this is where online qualitative research, and specifically mobile ethnography, excels. It allows us to see people’s lives through their lens, providing a rich view of their world.   Mobile ethnography enables us to understand:

  • Behaviors: through mobile diaries and journals; capturing the moment in time
  • Emotions: uncover specific feelings through in-direct questioning and projective techniques
  • Context: explore their environment, through activities such as inventory, retail safaris or out of box experiences and glean rich understanding as people narrate their journeys

Mobile ethnography is a flexible tool, appropriate for a wide variety of research questions. For example, BRIF Research Group used a mobile diary to understand values, attitudes, and behaviors among Kazakhstani youths, Avon explored how Latina women apply makeup along with their feelings during and after makeup application, Fresh Intelligence captured shoppers’ in-store activity as well as exploring related contexts and motivations around snacking, and Mojo capturing physician’s thought processes and emotional at the point of medical treatment decision-making moments.

To learn more about activities best suited for mobile ethnography, and to see the FocusVision Revelation mobile app for yourself, watch this webinar “In the Moment Customer Insights: A Guide to Qualitative Mobile Research with FocusVision Revelation“.

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